Saturday, September 17, 2011

Comparison of U.S. and UK law

U.S. and UK Law Compared 
A comparison of U.S. and UK law arguments with regard to climate change litigation / climate damage litigation was recently published by UK Human Rights. The article contains a Eurocentric overview on the development of the legal debate in the U.S.

Just like the book on UK law by Giedré Kaminskaité-Salters we reviewed earlier, this article also compares how climate change is anchored within many existing laws in Europe but little litigation is actually brought to the courts. In contrast the U.S. has few laws on the subject but many cases, such as:
The article also writes a lot on the subject of the EPA’s role in climate change protection in the U.S. It also talks about UK and European NGOs such as ClientEarth and Friends of Earth.

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