Monday, June 4, 2012

The most appropriate defendants in the Netherlands and Sweden

Potentially Successful Climate Change Defendants
in Holland and Sweden
According to various blog entries on our website the Netherlands and Sweden might be amongst those European states where victims of climate change might have the relatively high chance of success when suing climate polluters.

Regarding the general reflections on the selection of appropriate defendants, one can look at the Article Identifying potential defendants in climate damage litigation cases. Here in this article are a few links presented which indicate potentially interesting lists of defendants in the Netherlands and Sweden.

These are the 2 European states that have both relatively high chances of success and joint and common liability. (see bottom of article for links to older acrtiles about those 2 countries).

List of companies in the Netherlands that may have successful litigation suits brought against them:

List of companies in Sweden that may have successful litigation suits brought against them:
In the following articles, we have already discussed specific issues about Holland or Sweden:
Warning: After publishing this article, we heard that there might be an obstacle to climate change compensation claims under European jurisdictions, see the article “Contribution threshold for joint and common liability under European jurisdictions?

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