Saturday, October 12, 2013 environmental damage registration software improved

(Image releases new version
of damage registartion software improved its damage registration software. This software is mainly intended for climate change damages, but can also be used for other environmental damages. The design of the admin interface was adapted to the common database design. Thereby the presentation became more user friendly. The number of search filter options was increased. All filter criteria can now be combined. It is possible to indicate minimum and maximum values for most filter criteria.

What distinguishes this method of registration from most climate change registration software and databases is that it can be used to log damaged for individuals rather than only for cities or states. This way the damage caused by climate change contributors can be tracked down to the individual claim. These damage claims can be used in legal actions such as litigation law suits against companies contributing to climate change by producing greenhouse gases.

Combining such registration software with such legal actions can be a great deterrent for climate change.

To see our demo version of this registration software, please click here. To check the (free) licencing conditions, please click here.

To download the registration software including the source code, please click here.

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